Thought I would share a great product for the home, office, and condo lifestyle.  I’ve recently switched over from a big water company to a smaller eco-friendly company named “BAGOWATER”.  This Toronto based company has come out with an innovative solution to the harmful bottles we use for our water coolers. 

Why did I switch?  A friend in the plastics industry started informing about the carcinogenic effects of “Bisphenol – a” ~ widely used in the making of the hard, clear and nearly unbreakable plastics called polycarbonate. Studies and tests are showing that trace amounts of BPA are leaching from polycarbonate containers into foods and liquids. 

After reading a little more about bottles for water coolers I realized I needed to switch.  It seems not only are they harmful to our health but also our environment.  Every time the big companies pick up your 5 gallon water bottles they’re washing them out with harmful detergents.  After so many trips to the consumer the bottles are then just thrown out and sent to the landfill sites. 

What is Bagowater?  Water in a bag with a special cooler that extracts all the water from the bag. 

Benefits of my new system:  No “Bisphenol – A”, no detergents are used.  The product is a one way system ~ I no longer have to store all the empty bottles in my condo.  Bagowater picks up all the empty bags and recycles them in Richmond Hill.  The cost of the cooler is free, I’m only paying for the delivered bags of water.

Get a hold of Jeff Cook.  647-295-4854 if you would like more information on this system.