It’s all how you decorate that kitchen.  You can often make a small kitchen in a condo appear much more spacious just by making some small changes.  To get the most out of a small kitchen a couple improvements can often make a significant difference.

Here are quick couple things to do to make that difference.

1.       Painting cool colours in the kitchen give the appearance of space.  Try a light yellow, light blur or lavender on the walls.

2.      Give the older cabinets a freshening up with some white paint ~ makes the space feel more open.

3.      If the budget allows it, then install new appliances.  Stainless steel or white will give your kitchen a neat and clean impression.

4.      Replace the old hardware on the cabinets with brand new hardware.

5.      Remove as many appliances and clutter as possible to show space.  Leave only the minimum while adding a small vase of flower to the counter for an inviting look.

6.      Try laying down some new floor if needed.  Stay with the lighter linoleums and tiles.

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