If you and your hound are looking for a new condo then you’ve come to right place.


All pet owners have the same concerns when looking for a condo to rent or purchase in Toronto.  Will my 90 pound Golden Retriever be allowed in the building?  Can I have a Boa constrictor in my unit? What does it mean when I read “restrictions on pets”?

All this will depend on the particular condominium you wish to move into.  As a buyer you need to be informed up front, prior to purchasing the condominium.  You need read and understand the following documents: the Status Certificate, Covenants and Easements; and the rules and regulations, if any, with respect to the condominium. A Status Certificate generally has a specific section devoted to the subject of animals/pets. Typically in this section you will find language limiting the number, size and type of pets allowed. The condominium documents generally prohibit any animals considered a nuisance or dangerous to the health, safety or welfare of the community at large.

Contact me for a list of condo buildings within the Toronto area that are pet friendly.  Just tell me your price range and location and I will email you a list of Toronto condos that have limited or no restrictions for your Pooch.  Also ~ if you have an interest about a particular building but are not sure about the restrictions, feel free to get me to take a look.

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