Free Condo Buyers Guide:

If your new too real estate and just want to learn a little bit before getting serious on finding the perfect condo ~ then contact me for a free copy of one of the most developed Condo buyer guides available.  This condo guide will help any new homebuyer become informed about condominiums.  My free Condominium buyer’s guide provides information on all aspects of condominium ownership in a clear, concise manner.

This 42 Page Guide will answer such questions as:

What exactly is a condo?

Affordiblity ~ how much will it cost?

What are the ground rules for pet owners?

What type of home ownership is right for you?

What types of Condominiums are there?

Can I rent my condo?

What rules and restrictions will I find in a condominium?

What insurance will I need?

Just let me know that you want an emailed copy of the Condo Buyers Guide.