E-MAIL CITY COUNCIL – Stop tax increases on Home Buyers/Owners

March 30, 2009 — Toronto City Council will be meeting this week, starting on Tuesday March 31, to vote on the City’s 2009 Budget, which proposes to continue imposing the Toronto Land Transfer Tax and to increase residential property tax rates by double the rate of inflation. A significant group of City Councillors are pressing for a budget that is more friendly to home owners and buyers, but they NEED YOUR HELP NOW! CITY COUNCIL NEEDS TO HEAR FROM YOU. See below for how you can help make a difference.

1. CLICK HERE to send an email to the Mayor and councillors (email addresses are automatically inserted for you) to tell them that you want a City Budget that will help home owners and buyers by keeping property tax increases at the rate of inflation, about 2%, and scrapping the Toronto Land Transfer Tax. THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR CITY COUNCIL TO BE RAISING TAXES ON HOME OWNERS AND BUYERS!
2. CLICK HERE to send an email to your contacts to ask for their support. When you click on this link, it will open an email for you that will already include a message. You only have to insert your contacts’ email addresses.
3. ATTEND CITY COUNCIL MEETING on Tuesday March 31. Attending the Council meeting, even for just the start of the meeting, sends an important message to undecided Councillors. The Council Meeting begins at 9:30 A.M. on Tuesday, March 31 at Toronto City Hall (Council Chamber), 100 Queen Street West (Queen and Bay).

Last week, Mayor David Miller and the City’s Executive Committee supported, and are recommending to Toronto City Council, a City Budget that continues imposing the Toronto Land Transfer Tax and will raise residential property taxes by 4%, which is DOUBLE THE RATE OF INFLATION.

A significant group of Councillors, the “Responsible Government Group”, have expressed support for home owners and buyers currently and in the past by voting against the Toronto Land Transfer Tax, and are fighting to make changes to the proposed City Budget that will benefit home owners and buyers, including cutting the proposed property tax increase in half to 2% – “the 2% SOLUTION”.

The “Responsible Government Group” of Councillors is demonstrating support for home owners and buyers. Their effort on this City Budget is an important opportunity to send a message to City Council that it is time for the City to start reducing the costs that it imposes on home owners and buyers. THEY NEED YOUR HELP (SEE ABOVE). YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!