Condo Furniture Toronto

Moving into a condo? Downsizing to a condo?…In need of furniture which will flow in your new smaller space? Adapting to new floor plans/a smaller condo unit, while maintaining your comfort and lifestyle…means re-thinking the volume of furniture you own, and also considering room sizes and storage alternatives…
The right furniture arrangement can solve all your problems…well, if you have the proper condo furniture to work with, and that’s where Visitor Parking comes into play…Visitor Parking has 7,000 square feet of showroom space with enough condo furniture items to make you dizzy… You will definitely find what you’re looking for!
Anyway…let’s figure out how you can arrange your furniture to fit your space

1) Measure your rooms – It’s as easy as 1,2,3…and then > measure again…for good measure 🙂

2) Measure your doors – You need to get that condo furniture into the room somehow! First, you’ll need to measure the doorway. Next, make notice of which way the door swings, and if you have any corners to turn?? Don’t forget to space
plan for opening drawers

3) Think of scale – Large media-units, etc. can make a room look very small, and items like small area rugs in a large room will make you feel like a Giant! So be sure to scale appropriately. Do yourself a favor and make a room plan there’s plenty of planning guides online.

4) Direct your traffic >>> allow at least 2 feet for traffic routes. You should also allow 14″ to 18″ between coffee tables and condo sofas, and don’t block doors or windows…

5) Featured areas – do you have windows w/ a view? Arrange your condo furniture so you can enjoy the view! How about wood floors? Well, don’t cover them up!

6) Chat space – arrange your main living are so that you have cool & cozy conversation areas…such as two occasional chairs & a low side table, or try separating some of your modular furniture like a storage ottoman.

7) Add some colour to liven up the room – perhaps an orange lounge chair…or a all metal industrial side table might do the trick! So now that we have that sorted…let’s move onto the shopping

Visitor Parking offers a huge selection of Toronto Condo Furniture. Items you will find to squeeze into your new space would be things such as:

Condo-sofas – a condo sofa is smaller than a sofa and larger than a loveseat.

Storage-ottomans – small/medium/large that either open for storage or can be flipped over to become a table rest/serving tray.

Storage beds – hydraulic/gas lifts easily lift the mattress allowing for extraenclosed storage space.

Sofa beds – generally smaller in size, and perfect for guests, if you don’t have a guest bedroom

TV/Media-units – small and low to the floor…perfect for condo spaces!

Well there you have it, some useful tips and suggestions on Toronto Condo Furniture to help start your transition into the condo lifestyle!

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