Never seen a Microwave Station at Knee Level

2 Bed and Den Kitchen at 33 Singer

Washer and Dryer combo in the Kitchen - not smart

I just had the pleasure showing my clients the brand new condos currently up for sale at 33 Singer today (Leslie and Sheppard – North York).

Thought I would share some photos of the kitchen layouts.  Every condo from the 2 bedroom and dens down to the 1 bedrooms all seem to have the same set up.  The islands and breakfast bars are great.

Only 2 complaints: 1.  The washer and dryer combo is right out in the open.  2. Instead of a microwave hood fan above the stove – they inserted  a microwave station at knee level below the breakfast bar….stupid.

Besides this…I really liked the building.  The amenities here are going to be tops for all of North York.  Some of the 1 bedrooms and dens were a great use of space.  The shuttle service is a great idea for accessing the Subway and surrounding amenities.