Condo Finder Program
Real Estate Education Starts Here

The single best way to become educated about the market is to see what’s available.  Start your education by receiving automatic house and condo emails the day a property comes available.   This program is individually tailored to meet your exact criteria.

Most agents will only work with buyers who are planning on moving in the short term.  This often prevents and hinders a future buyer from getting an education about the Toronto Real Estate Market months or even a year before their considering to make a move.  You could do some research on,, or ~ although you often don’t get the home address and important information you most want.  Instead of calling multiple agents and constantly looking through different websites ~ you can automatically be sent the MLS listings by email as soon as they come on the market.  You’ll get the street address, lot size, monthly condo fees and all other information normally only available to agents.  (Note – there is usually a 3 – 4 day wait for MLS listings to hit = my system is instant)

This Free service is perfect for buyers who want to start learning about home and condo values in their desired neighbourhoods before they actually start looking at properties.  Email or post a comment below if you have any questions or would like to subscribe.